Gender balance

The IACIS2018 Organising Committee strives to achieve gender balance in all aspects of the conference.  This balance is important, not only because women and men should have equal opportunities, but also for the progress of  science by drawing on all available talent and maximizing the potential in creativity and innovation.

In recent decades the gender balance in the pool of higher education graduates has been growing steadily. Now approximately half of the PhD students in the world is female (47 percent in the EU); however, in total the proportion of women researchers is still only 28 percent. We are convinced that the visibility of female scientists is very important for motivating young women to pursue their career in science also after finishing their PhD.

We endeavour to achieve the gender balance through a substantial female representation on the organising and scientific committees, as well as through invitations to high quality speakers of both sexes at least in line with but preferably better than the gender representation in our research community. The performance of the Organising Committee with regards to equity and access will be measured and reported on the conference website.

Sources: UNESCO Institute of Statistics, SHE FIGURES 2015 (EU).